Hands free magnetic screen mosquito door mesh

Hands free magnetic screen mosquito door mesh

The right way to enjoy the breeze in your house leaving the doors open, without any bugs coming into the house - retractable fly chain window screen door.

Description: Rretractable fly chain window screen door
Size: (2) 83 in X 19.5 in mesh panels
Full Frame Velcro sewn on all edges
Color: White, Black, Beige, Brown, etc.
Magnetic flux density: 550~800Gs
Material: 60g/m² Polyester net
Accessories: Velcro tape + thumbtack
N.W: 600g (±10g) 

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Features & functions
A. Easily walk through without handy open and close the door, especially great for children and pets.
B. The mosquito screen net will be snap closed automatically after you, keep bugs/mosquito out and let fresh air in.
C. All the screen edge is stitching by manual work which stand with good quality & durable for repeated use.
D. The lightweight and easy to maneuver, super easy to install, just put the velcro around the door attach the insect screen to the velcro.
E. Easy to install, take down and Storage, convenient and flexible.

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